Supporting Strong Healthy Bones

A healthy horse starts with good bones, your horse’s skeletal system is the foundation of its health. Platinum Performance® Equine provides silicon, a trace element important for the formation of articular cartilage and connective tissue, in combination with amino acids, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to help facilitate proper bone formation and calcification. Osteon® can be fed in addition to provide higher levels of highly bio-available silicon for bone strength and healing. Feeding Platinum Performance® Equine and Osteon® in combination delivers an advanced level of support.

Does your horse need Support?

Depending on your horse’s particular needs, our formulas provide support for:

• Bone Strength
• Excessive free radicals produced by the body
• Bone Development
• Bone- and Soft Tissue Healing

Natural vs Synthetic Silicon

Choose a bone health supplement that contains a natural source of silicon. Silicon is an important element for healthy bones, tendons and ligaments.  

Zeolite, found in Osteon®, is a natural source which means it is absorbable in your horse’s system.

Bone and Tendon Health With Silicon

Connective tissues (e.g., cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone) are critical components of body structure and maintaining soundness. They are vital for the overall health and performance of all horses whether they are used for pleasure riding or competition. Silicon is one of many nutrients required for normal development and maintenance of connective tissues.

Silicon has been established to play an important role in the development, growth and maturation of bones and other connective tissues. Several studies indicate that an insufficient amount of silicon in the diet is associated with poor growth rates, developmental abnormalities, and a reduction in bone collagen and mineral content.1-3

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Platinum Performance® Client Success Stories

Ultime Espoir

Platinum Performance® client since 2014
“I imported Ultime Espoir, which means Ultimate Hope in French, over 2 years ago. Just recently after showing signs of some soreness and having an MRI, we found an active bone bruise. Tumi is going through IRAP injections. I asked Dr. Carter if something was missing in his diet, and he recommended Platinum Performance and Osteon. I see a difference in his progress already, and we are only one month in.”
— Barbara C.


Platinum Performance® client since 2011
 “We are devoted users of your products – most notably, Osteon. This product was recommended to me by a family member who saw major improvements in a palomino with a broken injury. My vet also recommended it. ‘Amber’ is recovering from a fractured navicular bone that prevented us from showing this season. But, I am just starting to get back on her for very light riding. We are so thankful for your products and wonderful customer service.”
— Stacy


Administer 1 scoop of Platinum Performance® Equine and 1/2 scoop of Osteon® twice daily to support development of a rapidly-growing young horse.


Administer 1-2 scoops of Platinum Performance® Equine and 1 scoop of Osteon® twice daily for adult horses.