Platinum Performance® Equine

Provides Digestive Support

Platinum Performance® Equine helps to support digestive health on a daily basis by providing a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and mucilage. Omega-3 fatty acids support the health of cells found in the intestinal lining, beneficial for the absorption of nutrients. Platinum Performance® Equine has been shown to be beneficial in horses that are prone to digestive issues.


Dealing with Occasional Diarrhea

Equine digestion can be a delicate matter. Bio-Sponge® can be used in combination with Platinum Performance® Equine to help support your horse’s digestive system and manage intestinal disturbances for both foals and adult horses.

What is Bio-Sponge®?

Bio-Sponge® (DTO smectite) is referred to as an organo mineral with a large surface area that is comprised of organic matter and minerals. When in close proximity to positively charged ions or organic cations, it binds to them and will remove them from the digestive system.

Using Bio-Sponge® For The Intestinal Health
and Well-Being of The Horse and Foal

Research performed in adult horses and foals, as well as through in vitro trials, indicates that Bio-Sponge® (Di-Tri Octahedral (DTO) smectite) is an effective tool to support a variety of health concerns that result in occasional diarrhea or gastrointestinal disturbances.

3 Ways to Use Bio-Sponge®

Prophylactic Use

Can be used prophylactically for foals on endemic farms, as well as for horses being treated with antibiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Intestinal Disturbances

Supports horses and foals experiencing occasional intestinal disturbances or diarrhea.

Foal Heat Scours

Bio-Sponge® may be helpful to support foals experiencing foal heal scours.

Created Out of Clinical Necessity

The Threat of Diarrhea Post Colic Surgery

One of the early threats in horses surviving post colic surgery was diarrhea — caused by the use of both prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotics and the stress of not eating. Progress was seen in practice as reliance on antibiotics eased, leaving healthier gut flora and a decreased occurrence of diarrhea post-operatively. However, for patients that did require antibiotics, veterinarians were asking themselves how to ensure patients didn’t succumb to diarrhea. It was this question that led to one of the better tools to support gastrointestinal health during occasional diarrhea, the advent of Bio-Sponge®.

The theory behind Bio-Sponge® is that the cation-charged surface area in DTO Smectite attracts and binds intestinal compounds associated with loose stool. Bio-Sponge® began inside Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center and was studied by prominent veterinarians in both clinical and university settings.

“Being a referral hospital, we go through a lot of Bio-Sponge® here. We use it all the time. It’s one of our best therapies.”

— Dr. Chris Boutros, Waller Equine Hospital


Bio-Sponge® has been used in practice for 20 years and has been identified in several universities as a highly effective mineral to provide support during intestinal disturbances.


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Platinum Performance® Client Success Stories


Platinum Performance® client since 2015
““Einstein is an OTTH. He’s athletic, willing and smart. Plus he is sweet and calm, the perfect horse for an amateur!!! Beauty is more than skin deep when talking about my boy. Einstein was having digestion issues causing his tail to be a mess! Since putting him on Bio Sponge and Platinum Performance he is no longer ‘squirting’ and has a beautiful tail too!!”
— Angela E.


Platinum Performance® client since 2004
“Shotgun had pneumonia when he was a 3 years old. He had to be on antibiotics for several months. With the help of Bio-Sponge, he never went off feed and never developed loose stool! He is now fit and healthy and is shown in the reining and reined cow horse events.”
— Marissa Greenberg, DVM

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