Supplementing for Performance & Longevity

Three Key Focus Areas for Equine Athletes

Areas of particular importance for performance horses include total body wellness, joint health and gastrointestinal health.

Total Body Wellness Support

The first step in helping an equine athlete perform at full potential is ensuring a nutritional foundation. High-quality forage is vital for the athletic horse, but even the best quality hay can lack omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants after it has been cut and baled, making supplementation essential. A comprehensive wellness formula like Platinum Performance® Equine is designed to fill any nutritional gaps in the modern equine diet and can help the equine athlete maintain condition, energy and support muscle recovery.

With Platinum, Anything is Possible

In the heat of competition, we know that the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Building a nutrition plan around your performance horse’s specific needs can be the difference, especially when results come down to hundredths of a second or fractions of a point.

Client Success Stories

Kent Farrington

2016 Olympics Silver Medalist, 2015 Pan American Games Bronze Medalist
Platinum Performance Client since 2005
“Platinum’s combination of simplicity and efficiency make it an ideal supplement for every horse in the stable.”

Laura Graves

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Team Dressage
Platinum Performance client since 2016
“Verdades and Fizau have different supplement needs, so Laura gets all their formulas in Platinum PAKs so they are easy to administer.”

Todd Bergen

NRHA and NRCHA Million Dollar Rider
Platinum Performance client since 2007
“A joint supplement I think is important with this caliber of horse. I mean we put so much stress on their joints. Anybody that is successful in this business works hard, and we definitely work hard around our ranch.”

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