Born From Necessity

In the early 1990s, Platinum Performance’s our late founder, Dr Doug Herthel, started working on the biological approach to healing. This three-prong approach, which included stem cell therapy and hyperbaric oxygen, was based on the premise that the cornerstone of medicine is nutrition, something that previously had been given little attention in equine practice. The results of clinical and research studies proved that specific nutrients changed the way an animal responded to surgery and stress. This advanced nutritional approach, which improved a horse’s prognosis for survival by positively influencing both the quality and speed of healing, was the genesis for Platinum Performance®.


Our suppliers go through a rigorous vetting process, and all ingredients are extensively tested during manufacturing. During the proprietary process that takes raw ingredients to finished formulas, we conduct hundreds of quality-based tests to guarantee potency and purity and the absence of banned substances.


The effectiveness of Platinum Performance® formulas on equine health has since been studied in colleges of veterinary medicine and used in case studies and feeding trials in veterinary practices worldwide. Research has always been an integral part of the Platinum Performance® culture.


Since 1996, our team at Platinum has continued to develop formulas to address specific clinical needs by working with veterinarians to improve the health and performance of the horse. After nearly 25 years, we remain committed to serving you and your horses by sharing the latest advancements in equine nutrition.

Platinum Advisor Team

The Platinum Advisors are highly educated in equine nutrition and, of equal importance, they’re horse owners and athletes themselves. They’ll give you their all every time.

Veterinary Advisory Team

Everything we do must be scientifically and medically sound. Our veterinary advisors help ensure that the service we provide, formulas we develop and literature we publish are impactful and accurate.

Research & Development Team

We push hard to research new ingredients, seek out the highest quality sources, test new formulas and operate several research studies and feeding trials at any given time.


The Platinum Promise

100% Satisfaction Always Guaranteed

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us for a replacement or refund.

We’re Here to Help

Call a Platinum Advisor for help choosing the right formula for your horse. From total body wellness to all levels of performance, our targeted nutrients deliver results.