Maintaining an Ideal Weight Is Key to Health

Whether your horse is a little overweight, underweight, or you just want to optimize feed efficiency, Platinum Performance formulas can help you support a healthy equine body condition. By supporting a properly-functioning gastrointestinal system, Platinum Performance® Equine can help horses to more efficiently process calories from feed. Platinum Performance® Equine can help maintain normal weight levels for horses that are too heavy, or light and need to increase their weight level. For hard keepers, Healthy Weight can be fed in combination with Platinum Performance®.

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We Believe in a Natural Diet

Horses are natural grazing animals, intended to consume a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, trace minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. In contrast, the modern equine diet is often comprised of cereal grains and concentrates that can predispose horses to many health conditions.

Keeping it Simple is Best

In numerous feeding trials, horses fed proper amounts of hay and Platinum Performance® Equine showed improved health over those being fed typical grain-based commercial diets.

Healthy Weight

Support an Optimal Body Condition

By supporting a properly-functioning gastrointestinal system, Healthy Weight flaxseed oil can help horses to more efficiently process calories from feed. Healthy Weight flaxseed oil can provide a source of healthy calories for horses that need to gain weight. For horses that are in good condition, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and can be used at a lower dose to support skin and coat health, healthy immunity and more.


Why is the Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio Important?

Omega-3 fatty acids are the “good fats” required by every cell in the body to properly function. Unable to produce adequate omega-3s on their own, horses must instead rely on diet to provide these essential fatty acids. In contrast, omega-6 fatty acids, though required in moderation, are pro-inflammatory and can have a negative effect on health.

What Is Feed Efficiency & Why Is It Important?

Feed efficiency refers to the way that a horse’s body is able to properly utilize their diet for maximum benefits and nutrient absorption. The importance of feed efficiency impacts not only the health of your horse, but also the ability to maintain an ideal body condition and nutrient utilization.

Know Your Horse’s Body Condition Score

Platinum Performance® Client Success Stories

Tatum Rice

NCHA Open Futurity Champion, NCHA Open World Champion & NCHA Open Riders Hall of Fame
Platinum Performance client since 2011
“Every year we start our futurity horses on Platinum products and I’m always amazed how good they look and feel. Our three-year-olds used to always lose weight come futurity time and now that we use Platinum products, they stay healthy and strong.”

Caroline Martin

2018 USEA Lady Rider of the Year, Winner 2018 Morven Park International CIC3*, Top Under 25 Rider in North America & 4-time USEA Young Rider of the Year
Platinum Performance client since 2016
“Healthy Weight has been such a welcome addition to my program. When our sales horses arrive, especially those from overseas, they typically have lost a lot of weight. Once they arrive, we put them on Healthy Weight in addition to our feeding program, and they immediately put back on any weight they lost and look better than ever. They work hard and it is very important to me that they have the healthy fat calories they need to thrive.”

Jordan Larson

2-Time NRHA Open Futurity Champion, NRHA Open Derby Champion, NRHA 2 Million Dollar Rider & World Equestrian Games Gold Medalist
Platinum Performance client since 2008
“Since my horses have been on Platinum, their hair coats are shinier, they maintain condition, and they perform and recover better. My three-year-olds are pushed to their limits during futurity season and feeding them Platinum assures me they are getting all the joint, muscle and energy requirements they need to compete at their best.”

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